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A ONE ACT FESTIVAL featuring three one act scripts by local playwrights.

This comedy tells the story of the quintessential conversation between father and daughter out for a drive discussing life. It will make you laugh and remember.
Directed by Amber Smrek

THE BANKER'S A BAD GUY! or Hope Never Dies ! A Melodrama by Kay Doak
Hope Neverdice is a lovely heroine who works in the land office and wiIl, of course, be needing rescued. Dwight Quiteright, a stalwart hero, will provide said rescue. Montrose DeMoneytaker is an evil villain and town banker accompanied by his accomplice Rattlesnake Sue. But Sheriff Nick O'Tyme, does his best to keep the town safe from the villain. Sprinkle in a few hotel magnates from back east and we've got ourselves a classic melodrama tale.
Directed by Suzanne Walker

HART OF SUMMER by Becca Buck
Kaleb and his granddaughter, Bella, are waiting for Kaleb’s wife to arrive before he goes into surgery for a knee replacement. During this time Bella asks Kaleb to tell her a story like he used to when she was a little girl. Kaleb decides to tell her the story of The Hart Boys in 1967, the year that changed everything. Directed by Suzanne Walker, Ass’t Dir. Amber Smrek