One Act Festival 

MOVP will produce a One Act Festival, Fri./Sat. May 7, 8, 14, and 15. Auditions for the One Act Festival will be held at the Players Theatre on Monday, April 5 and Tuesday April 6 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Masks must be worn while in the theatre. Face shields will be provided during the audition and rehearsal process. Directors will be casting three original one acts written by local playwrights:


Cast Requirements:

1 woman and 1 man -

Thea, teenage daughter

Dad, middle age father

Synopsis - This comedy tells the story of the quintessential conversation between father and daughter out for a drive discussing life. It will make you laugh and remember. Directed by Amber Smrek


THE BANKER'S A BAD GUY! or Hope Never Dies ! A Melodrama by Kay Doak Cast Requirements:

Hope Neverdice, lovely heroine who works in the land office and will, of course, be needing rescued.

Dwight Quiteright, stalwart hero who will provide said rescue.

Montrose DeMoneytaker, evil villain and town banker.

Rattlesnake Sue, villain's accomplice.

Sheriff Nick O'Tyme, keeping the town safe from the villan.

Weldoff, a hotel magnate from back east.

Astorgia, another.

Rocketfellow, and another.

HoJo, and another, but this one might come to serve the needs of the common people a little more than the others.

This classic melodrama will be directed by Suzanne Walker

HART OF SUMMER by Becca Buck

Cast Requirements:

Old Kaleb: Late 50s to early 60s. In the hospital having a knee replacement surgery done, old fashioned and stubborn. Narrator

Bella: Late teens to mid twenties. As stubborn as her grandfather, Old Kaleb, but is also loving and caring. Narrator.

Old Sam: Late 50s to early 60s. Comes in at the epilogue and is still as ornery as she was when she was younger, but has become the mediator of the “boys”.

Young Kaleb: The best friend of the Hart children. Kaleb is often the mediator when they boys begin to fight and the one that they go to for anything and everything. Through the experiences the Harts share with him he matures and wizens far beyond his years.

Daryl (Darry): The oldest Hart boy, Darry is the leader of the family and often finds ways to get his siblings into trouble, but nothing serious enough for them to get hurt because after all he is “their protector.”

Ethan (E): The second oldest of the Harts and the most flirtatious of the bunch, Ethan is the stereotypical teenage boy looking for his next female conquest. Though, E tries to put on a tough front in front of the ladies he is just as insecure as the rest trying of the boys to find their way, because “it’s easy to let people see what they want, but it’s hard to be true to you.”

Thomas (Tom): The middle child of the Hart family and the quietest, Tom is always with his brothers getting into trouble, but is always stealthy as to sneaking away before he gets caught. After all, the middle sibling “is always the forgotten one.”

Ritchie (Ritch): The second youngest of the Hart children and the biggest bookworm and best student among them. Ritch often finds himself getting into trouble with his siblings because “someone needs to watch out for them.”

Samantha (Sam): The youngest of the Hart children and the orneriest. Sam is pure tomboy through and through. She loves to prank her older brothers and their best friend, Kaleb, though usually her pranks are stemmed through revenge because after all its hard “being the baby, and the only girl.”

Jean: Ethan’s constantly on and off again girlfriend.

Synopsis: Kaleb and his granddaughter, Bella, are waiting for Kaleb’s wife to arrive before he goes into surgery for a knee replacement. During this time Bella asks Kaleb to tell her a story like he used to when she was a little girl. Kaleb decides to tell her the story of The Hart Boys in 1967, the year that changed everything.

Directed by Suzanne Walker, Ass’t Dir. Amber Smrek